Shaun Roselt

About Me

Software Developer / Web Developer.

* Name & Surname: Shaun Roselt
* Date of Birth: 19/03/1998
* Gender: Male
* Height: 1.87m
* Eye Color: Blue
* Location: Bloemfontein, Free-State, South Africa
* Siblings: 6
* Children: None
* Religion: Atheist
* Career: Software Development & Web Development
* Skills: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Delphi, Pascal, Scratch, SQL, C#.
* Hobbies: Reading, Gaming, Programming, Learning.
* Interests: Computers, Technology, Games, Astronomy, Astrology, Science.
* Languages: English, Afrikaans, A1/A2 German (read, write and speak), A1/A2 Dutch (read).
* Favorite Movies: Tron Legacy, Spiderman, Captain America, Twilight, Harry Potter, American Pie, Mirrors, Hancock, Suicide Squad, Lucy.
* Favorite TV Series: Supernatural, The Originals, Vampire Diaries, Big Bang Theory, Highschool Of The Dead, Sword Art Online, Video Game Highschool, The Walking Dead.
* Favorite Books: Harry Potter, Hyperspace, HTML & CSS: Design and build Websites, HTML5 & CSS3: all-in-one for dummies, Creative Programming with Delphi.
* Favorite Color: Black
* Favorite Sports: Skateboarding, Gaming, Chess.
* Biggest Fear: Death
* Life Goals: Become famous worldwide for Programming. Work for an amazing company. Marry an amazing girl and have 3 children with her. Live in a beautiful and big house with a big yard. Live happy and healthy. With all of this I would also like to have a job where I can help millions of people through the things I love.
* Me Describing Myself: I am a proactive and committed individual who loves working with technology. My passions include Software and Web Development and helping people through technology. I love making apps/games for all major platforms as well as making websites. I also love watching the stars at night.

My entire long history from not being born until now:

My name is Shaun Roselt. I was born on the 19th of March, 1998 in Bloemfontein, Free-State, South Africa. I was originally born as Shannondor Patrofski Venter Lurie. My biological mother is Moshelly Lurie. I have three biological sisters (Kimaine Edwards, Tarryn Edwards and Belinda Van Niekerk) and three biological brothers (Kyle Edwards, Dj Van Niekerk and I forgot the name of the third one *facepalm*). My biological father wanted nothing to do with me at that time in my life and my biological mother alone had to take care of me. My biological father could not take care of me because he already had a family of his own with a different woman. My father already had a step son (Quintin Van Niekerk) and a daughter (Belinda Van Niekerk) with this other woman.

At age 0-4 I had a severe skin eczema, because of the skin eczema people thought that my mother abused me and didn't take care of me correctly. I was placed in foster care when I was only a few months old. I was living in foster care at Tommy Roselt and Estelle Roselt. My biological mother and biological sister (Kimaine Edwards) visited me often from age 0-4 while being in foster care.

At age 4-5 Tommy and Estelle decided to adopt me. My mother and grandmother tried stopping the adoption, but they couldn't stop it. My mother went to my biological father for help and he signed papers to support the adoption and after he signed it. The adoption couldn't be stopped. After I was adopted my name and surname was changed to Shaun Roselt. Tommy and Estelle had two children of their own (Melanie Roselt and Gerhard Roselt). After the adoption my mother and sister was not allowed to see me anymore.

At age 7 I went to primary school at Jim Fouché Primary School. At age 7 my mother that adopted me died of cancer. At age 10 my adopted father married again to Lizette Laubscher. Lizette has two of her own daughters (Tania Laubscher and Izanne Laubscher) and one adopted son (Renaldo Maartins). Lizette's children became my step brother and sisters. After I finished grade 5 at Jim Fouché, my adopted father and step mother said that me and my step brother are going to leave Jim Fouché and then we went to President Steyn High School. I was grade 6 and Renaldo was grade 7.

Around age 10 (grade 4) my adopted father told me that I'm actually adopted, but he never told me who my biological father and mother were. He also didn't tell me anything about them. He just told me that I'm adopted and I never bothered asking him about it. Around age 11-12 I got two letters from my biological mother giving me two photos from age 4 with her and Kimaine. So at that age I only knew who my mother and sister were and nothing else. I wanted to write back to her, but I was a very good boy and was almost never naughty. So I went to my adopted father and gave him the letters. He read it and then he took it from me and he called my biological mother and told her not to write letters to me anymore.

My adopted father got very sick during January-March of my grade 6 year. My adopted father was in and out of the hospital repeatedly. Around halfway through the year doctors told us that he has cancer. This was the second time that he had cancer. The first time he was healed from it. Around at the end of Term 3, my adopted father died. I was almost never at school during grade 6 and because of that my school marks fell quite a lot. My biological mother also called me on our house phone, she introduced herself as aunt Moshelly, but by that age I forgot that my biological mother's name was Moshelly. So I had no clue who she was. I also didn't tell my adopted father about the phone call or anyone else. I just didn't think much of the phone call and didn't bother to tell anyone. I forgot about it a few days later.

After I finished grade 6 at President Steyn High School, I decided to go back to Jim Fouché Primary School. In grade 7 my school marks dropped even more. I got 50% for most of my subjects where I use to get 80%.

In grade 1-6 I played Rugby (A-Team), Tennis (A-Team), Athletics, Swimming and "Landsdiens". Grade 7 I stopped doing Rugby, Tennis, "Landsdiens" and Swimming. In grade 7 I started doing Skateboarding. In Grade 8 I started doing chess for fun at school as well.

Between grade 1 and 8 I was always interested in computers. I have known since grade 1 that I wish to work with computers for the rest of my life and I want to make a living out of it, but I never knew what part of computers. It was between IT Technician, Programming and Computer Hardware Developer.

In grade 7 I started being very interested in online gaming, especially in MMORPG's. My favorite game was Moonbase and Bloodaxe. Those two games were available on an African based social network, MXit. Moonbase was eventually also turned into a facebook game and a web browser game. It also had an Android app release. Online games caused my school marks to drop even more sadly.

In grade 9 term 1, I had like 40% for all my subjects. Science and Accounting were both 20%. I hated Science and Accounting. Then in grade 9 my favorite online game had been shutdown, Moonbase. I was very sad about it and I couldn't find an alternative game that was as fun and addictive as Moonbase. The closing of Moonbase motivated me to learn Web Development and create my own game. After I started learning HTML, I just couldn't stop and I knew that this is exactly what I want to do for the rest of my life. I had one obstacle though, my school marks weren't good enough. This motivated me to work a bit harder. By the end of grade 9 I had 70% for math and the rest of my subjects were 50%-60%. Science and Accounting was still the same. Around 30%. In grade 9 I quit skateboarding and started focusing more on programming. I was also A-Team chess, U/16. Grade 9 I started learning HTML, Delphi and Scratch. After finishing grade 9 I realized that I love Science and by that time it was too late for it, because I were failing Science. At the end of grade 9 I had to choose my subjects for grade 10 and I chose:
* Afrikaans (home language)
* English (first additional language)
* Life Orientation
* Mathematics
* Engineering Graphics and Designing (which I later replaced with Tourism)
* Business Studies
* Computer Application Technology
* Information Technology

In grade 10 I launched my first Windows application called "Delphi Programming Helper". In grade 10 my programming skills improved a lot and I fell in love with programming. I couldn't stop. I spent hours everyday on programming. In grade 10 I learned HTML, Delphi, Scratch, SQL, C# and Python. I also experimented with a lot of other programming languages such as Batch, Inno Setup, Pascal, JavaScript, CSS, VB, VBScript, etc. I also published my first Blackberry app and published a total of 7 apps for Windows Desktop. In grade 10 I competed in the South African Computer Programming Olympiad as well and I came first in my grade and third in my school. I competed In the Delphi Programming Language. In this year I also quit athletics and chess. I did no sports. Only programming full time. I spent a little too much on programming and that caused my math to drop down to 40% again. By the end of grade 10 I knew almost the entire grade 10 and grade 11 IT syllabus.

In grade 10 (2014), my biological mother found me on Facebook and contacted me. She told me almost everything. That is when I found out that I got two sisters and one brother from her side as well and everything. Me and Kimaine met each other later that year and I even spent that December holiday with her on Christmas.

In grade 11 I asked my mom a few stuff about my biological father and I learned that my older sister's name was Belinda and I found her on Facebook and started talking to her. Later that week I started talking to my biological father as well. Now I have met him and his family as well. Although later that year my biological father cheated on his wife with Quintin's ex girlfriend. So my biological father also now has a baby with Quintin's ex girlfriend.

In grade 11 I also landed a great holiday job at BitCube Systems as a Junior Web Developer. Here I learned how the world works and what average people are looking for. I learned HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and Ruby on Rails while working for them and I also learned how to work in an office with other programmers. This was a great experience for me. After this holiday ended I went and with the skills I learned there I had to follow my dream of creating my own Software and Web Development company. I recreated Bazooka Studios entirely from scratch with a whole new business model. This new company helped me gain work experience and we published several apps and websites.

Grade 11 was not just about meeting new family and working as a programmer. I also started dating an amazing girl. I met this girl in grade 10 at Church and at first I did not like her, but this was because I did not know her. She approached me and we became friends and later on the first day of February she asked me to be her boyfriend. I said yes. She's amazing and I love her a lot. She might keep me out of work and school sometimes, but I still love her a lot. She is very similar to me in some ways. She also likes gaming, computers and technology. So we have a lot in common. We both also enjoy writing and drawing.

In grade 12 I did not do anything magnificent and nothing big happened, but I did start becoming a lot more involved in the Delphi Programming community. I'm admin on 2 FaceBook pages about Delphi and admin on 3 Delphi related FaceBook groups. I also started working a bit more actively on "Delphi Programming Helper" and I started making videos on YouTube and as of December 2016 I have 600 subscribers. At the end of 2016 I also started publishing and making Windows Store apps and games.

Then comes 2017 and this is my first year out of high school. In December 2016 I quit and decided to disband my own company (Bazooka Studios) and started working as a Software Developer at SCS Solutions as well as a general helper at AfriAdventures. On the second of February I started with my MCSD (Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer) full-time course at CTU Training Solutions.

As of writing this paragraph (2017/09/17), I no longer work at SCS Solutions and AfriAdventures. I've also published a pretty cool color picker for programmers and graphics designers, Roselt Color Picker.

Photo Gallery:

Kimaine Edwards, Shaun Roselt - 2002
Kimaine Edwards, Shaun Roselt - 2002
Friends (Gerrit Rossouw, Shaun Roselt, Mareli Hugo) - 2015
Friends (Gerrit Rossouw, Shaun Roselt, Mareli Hugo) - 2015
Friends (Mareli Hugo, Anita Cronje, Shaun Roselt) - 2015
Friends (Mareli Hugo, Anita Cronje, Shaun Roselt) - 2015
Shaun Roselt - 2004
Shaun Roselt - 2004
Shaun Roselt - 2005
Shaun Roselt - 2005
Shaun Roselt - 2006
Shaun Roselt - 2006
Shaun Roselt - 2007
Shaun Roselt - 2007
Shaun Roselt - 2008
Shaun Roselt - 2008
Shaun Roselt - 2010
Shaun Roselt - 2010
Shaun Roselt - 2014
Shaun Roselt - 2014
Nadine Terblanche, Shaun Roselt - 2015
Nadine Terblanch, Shaun Roselt - 2015
Shaun Roselt (Skateboarding) - 2011
Shaun Roselt (Skateboarding) - 2011
Nadine Terblanche, Shaun Roselt (Spring Ball) - 2015
Nadine Terblanch, Shaun Roselt (Spring Ball) - 2015
Shaun Roselt, Nadine Terblanche (Valentines Ball) - 2015
Shaun Roselt, Nadine Terblanch (Valentines Ball) - 2015