This is my Portfolio Page. On this page you will find all of the things I have made for myself and for other people with a description of the project or what I did in it.

Apps (Windows Deskop)

Bazooka Drums - Screenshot

Bazooka DrumsDownload

A basic set of virtual drums that you can work with on your computer to build your own tunes with a few clicks and create original sounds

Data Uploading Websites - Screenshot

Data Uploading WebsitesDownload

An application that provides you with a comprehensive list of file sharing websites you can choose from, in order to quickly upload your documents

Delphi Programming Helper - screenshot

Delphi Programming HelperDownload

Master the Delphi programming language by following a series of tutorials, studying code examples and taking tests, with this useful educational application

Learn Afrikaans with Shaun Roselt - screenshot

Learn Afrikaans with Shaun RoseltDownload

Learn the Afrikaans language or improve your existing knowledge with the help of a series of videos, using this simple desktop application

PC Talk - screenshot

PC Talk — Text To SpeechDownload

Convert your texts into audio streams in just a couple of seconds with the help of this lightweight and seamlessly easy to use application

Programming File Changer - screenshot

Programming File ChangerDownload

Modify file extensions, rename and save them to a specific location with the help of this simple to use and lightweight application

TFS Media Player - screenshot

TFS Media PlayerDownload

A simple to use application that is capable of rendering both audio and video files, in normal, original view or in full screen mode

Roselt Web Browser - screenshot

Roselt Web BrowserDownload

A basic Internet browser that provides you with a lightweight interface and complete freedom when it comes to navigating the web

Games (Windows Desktop)


3Mountains - Screenshot

3MountainsGo To

The 3Mountains Challenge is a multi-stage MTB Cycling & Trail Running event. (I made this website while working at SCS Solutions)

Bazooka Studios - Screenshot

Bazooka Studios

Bazooka Studios is a software and web development company I created during my high school years.

Brandt Research and Development - Screenshot

Brandt Research and DevelopmentGo To

(I made this website while working at SCS Solutions)

Delphi Programming Blog (by Shaun Roselt) - Screenshot

Delphi Programming Blog (by Shaun Roselt)Go To

This is a blog where I post about all things relating to Delphi, Object-Pascal and Pascal. I often also blog about RAD STUDIO, C++ Builder and other things relating to Embarcadero Technologies.

Vene Botha - Screenshot

PimpleGlobe.comGo To

PimpleGlobe.com is a website dedicated to people with a lust for all sorts of things involving pimples. This can be a pimple fetish or just someone who enjoys watching a pimple pop.

Programming Helper - Screenshot

Programming HelperGo To (Still under development)

Programming Helper is an online version of Delphi Programming Helper, but with more programming languages and not just Delphi.

Vene Botha - Screenshot

Vene Botha

Vene Botha is a graphics designer in Bloemfontein, Free-State, South Africa. This is her personal website.

Zanido Modelling - Screenshot

Zanido Modelling

Zanido Modelling is a modelling agency based in South Africa.